So…I’ve lasted a year, now what?

A year has come and gone. 365 days. 27 episodes. What to do now?

I keep going, of course. No reason to stop. I wish that I had more listeners, but as long as a few are listening, I will continue.

I wish that this show paid for itself, through ads or Patreon/Ko-fi donations. But it doesn’t. It does however have fringe benefits.

Press passes for one, I suppose someone could argue that the free admission I get more than makes up for the money I put into the podcast, and they are probably right.

Another benefit is getting to talk to people. There are interviews with people of all stripes, Famous and Unfamous.

So what now? Now we evolve. I have decided to split the podcast in two. The Star Trek and Star Wars news will be joined by any Sci-fi or Fantasy news I find into Multiverse Tonight Sci-Fi Edition. The DC, Marvel and other comics related news stories will be put together into Multiverse Tonight Comics Edition. These will still be put out every other week with the Sci-Fi edition on Tuesdays and The Comics Edition out on Thursday.

By the way, if you’d like to lend me a hand, I’d like to give you something. If you donate to my Patreon or Ko-fi, you can win a box of loot from me. Just click on the link at the top labeled “Donate”

So, get ready everyone, Year Two has begun!

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