What do you do when there’s no Comicon and you have vacation time scheduled? Catch up.

So, I’ve been off this week, I was supposed to be at Planet Comicon 2020 Take 2, of course, that didn’t happen.

So what do you do when you have a week off from work? Catch up. I’ve been trying to catch up on shows and movies I’ve missed. I’ve watched Tron Legacy the other day, I wasn’t impressed. I finally sat down and watched the first episode of Brave New World in Peacock, I thought it was interesting enough to keep watching.

I’ve also been putting together goodie boxes to give away at future comicons. I’ve got about a dozen put together, If you’d like one, donate and I might just send you one, they’re full of all sorts of geeky things.

Other than that, I hope you are well and let’s finish out the year better than we entered it.

-Thomas Townley

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