Episode Four

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Cold Open:Tonight!  We welcome back the coolest man in the galaxy, We look at who got nominated for Emmy Awards and we say good bye to one of the great comic creators. All this and more on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!

Hello and Welcome to episode four of Multiverse Tonight! Where we look at all your geeky universes.
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I’m gonna start this episode with a short review of the first volume of Port Of Earth from The Top Cow imprint of Image Comics.Writen by ZAch Kaplan with art by Andrea Mutti and Colorist Vladimir Popov. In 2017, aliens calling themselves The Consortium arrive  and make contact with Earth. They don’t want much, they just want to set up a fueling station for ships coming this way, because Earth has what they need to power the ships, water. In exchange, they give Earth their water into power specs. For awhile, it was pretty quiet, aliens were to stay at the space port. Then three aliens left the space port and an intergalactic incident occurs. That’s when we learned that the Constortium just set up the station, Earth was responsible for it’s own security. Enter the ESA, The Earth Security Agency. The comic follows their adventures as they try to keep the aliens and humanity safe from each other.


Let me just say that this was not really what I expected when I bought it. This is a lot more of a police procedural than the straight sci fi I was looking for. That said, the story isn’t too bad, there’s a lot of narration at the start and then we meet agents Rice and McIntyre as they try to locate an alien that seems to be leading them somewhere. I hate to say this but, I’m not that interested in the story, it might be good for someone else, but it’s just not for me.


The artwork is also very grey, mostly grey with splashes of color every now and then. It makes the whole thing kind bleak. Again, not really what I’m looking for and just kind of depressing. The best part of this Trade paperback is the ESA Database at the end of the book. I like the way the designs of the aliens and their ships.

So…would I buy volume two? No. It’s just not for me. I like the concept, but I wasn’t sold on the execution.  However, if you like a scifi police procedural, this might be for you.


Let’s start with some Star Trek News


Robert Duncan McNeil has done a fair share of directing since he left Voyager.  Directing not only his series Voyager, but directing on Enterprise as well. Last year he even directed the Star Trek like series The Orville. Recently he was asked if he had any interest in directing an episode of Discovery. His response, quote I wanted to direct Discovery. I met with their producing director. I didn’t know the show that well, but I met with him on their last hiatus to talk about season two. I also produce now. So, I hire a lot of directors. The last few years, there’s been a seismic shift in terms of the priorities toward female and diverse directors. That reality now has meant that what used to be normal, which was a lot of white guys, to be quite honest, has changed. Some shows are mostly women directing. I think Jessica Jones, last year, had all female directors. Handmaid’s Tale. A woman may direct the next Star Trek movie. Most importantly, it’s a wonderful thing that’s happening. I’m proud that on other shows I’ve produced — The Gifted, The Arrangement, Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce — I’ve brought in female directors. But, to answer your question, Discovery does a limited number of episodes and a priority there is to get female and diverse directors, so there are fewer opportunities for people like me, which is a great thing. But, yeah, if the opportunity arose to direct Discovery and I fit what they needed and it fit my schedule, I’d love to do it. Unquote


So it seems like he might have a better chance of directing one of the other Trek series that they’re planning or maybe a spot could open up in a future season.


In a new video update, producer and former Star Trek Deep Space Nine showrunner Ira Steven Behr confirmed that editing on the the documentary What We Left Behind: Looking Back at Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is complete and that it will see release sometime this year, during the 25th anniversary of the beloved series.

No specific release date was given as there is still work to be done on the post production side, such as clip licensing, scoring and some HD remastering of a few clips.

The documentary was crowd funded on Kickstarter last year, I donated and I am so looking forward to this release.


Former Star Trek guest star Roger Perry has passed away at the age of 85. Perry was a guest star on the “Star Trek” TV series in a memorable first-season episode in 1967, “Tomorrow Is Yesterday,” playing Captain John Christopher. He appeared on “Love, American Style,” “Ironside,” “The F.B.I.,” “Hawaii 5-0,” “Barnaby Jones,” “The Bob Newhart Show,” “Quincy,” “CHiPs,” “The Fall Guy,” and many more before becoming a regular on programs such as “The Facts of Life” and “Falcon Crest.”

He co-starred with Pat O’Brien in the 1960 ABC series “Harrigan and Son,” and co-starred with Chuck Connors and Ben Gazzara in the 90-minute drama “Arrest & Trial” (1963-64).

His movie credits included “Follow the Boys” (1963) with Connie Francis, “Rollerboogie” with Linda Blair, “The Thing With Two Heads” with Ray Milland and Rosevelt Grier, and “Cat” and “Count Yorga,” which both co-starred Craig T. Nelson and Mariette Hartley.

\Let’s move on to Star Wars news


After months of speculation, it’s been confirmed! The coolest man in the Galaxy is returning for Episode IX. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Billy Dee Williams will be returning to the Star Wars Galaxy as Lando Calrissian.


Now that Han is gone, I wonder if he wants the Falcon back?


The release date for Solo: A Star Wars Story to hit store shelves may have ben revealed. The Digital Bits.com’s retail sorces give a date of September 25th as the date.


Details about some of the exclusives have come to light recently, with Best Buy releasing a first look at the 4K Ultra HD Steelbook, shining the spotlight on a yet-undamaged Millennium Falcon, while Target revealed that its exclusive Blu-ray bundle will include a miniature Millennium Falcon figure.


Thousands if not millions of people are waiting for the opening of Star Wars land at Walt Disney World in Orlando Florida, we’ve gotten some new details about a special entrance into the park for those staying in the Star Wars themed hotel. According to permits filed with the South Florida Water Management District, the Orlando Sentinel reports, guests of the new hotel will be able to make a short drive from the Hollywood Studios’ parking lot over a drainage canal to get to the main hotel entrance. In addition to driving, pedestrians will be able to walk to a special entrance that will put guests between the Millennium Falcon and Battle Escape attractions.

According to plans revealed on WDW News Today, the hotel itself will have limited on-site parking. However, it seems valet parking will be made available. The hotel will be located east of World Drive, on the south side of Hollywood Studios.
The new hotel still has no confirmed name or opening date and there are no offical photos as of yet.

I’m sure there are plenty of fans waiting for more details.

After the release of Star Wars Episode One, there was a lot of hate for a certain character, not Anakin Skywalker, but the comic relief character of Jar Jar Binks.

Ahmed Best, the actor behind the character…or should we say under it has he actually wore a Jar Jar head on top of his so the other actors had the correct place to look, has revealed that he almost considered suicide after the backlash from fans and the media following the film. On July third he wrote on twitter, “20 years next year I faced a media backlash that still affects my career today.

“This was the place I almost ended my life. It’s still hard to talk about.

“I survived and now this little guy is my gift for survival.

“Would this be a good story for my solo show? Lemme know.”

Since then, Ahmad has thanked fans for the support he has received since then writing on twitter. Quote Thank you all for your love and kindness.  Its been overwhelming. I’m gonna start writing this show. Gonna need help cause I’ve never done this before. I will be trying stuff out and posting it here.  Let folks know. Thanks for all your support. It means so very much to me. Unquote.

Don’t blame yourself, Ahmed, I kinda liked Jar Jar. I lay the blame on George Lucas, the real phantom menace.


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Marvel News


Time for (what seems to be) the regular Stan Lee Update. If you remember last time, a temporary restraining order had been issued against Keya Morgan, the memorabilia collector who had become Stan’s business manager and partner. Well last week the restraining order was lifted after the judge ruled that lawyer Tom Lallas, who had asked for a 30 day extension on the order, was not employed by Stan Lee.
A new lawyer, Stephen Crump, who had been  hired by Stan Lee’s daughter J.C. Lee, filed and was granted a new restraining order. In the application, Crump alleges that Morgan made malicious and false remarks about Lee’s daughter to Lee, and prevented Lee’s financial advisers from seeing him. The order bars Morgan from coming within 100 yards of Lee, his daughter, or his brother, Larry Lieber.

Lee’s new lawyers said they would also work with police and prosecutors in an elder-abuse investigation involving Morgan.

Mr. Morgan told The Associated Press via a text message that he was in New York working on a film. On the advice of his lawyer he declined to comment further

Now following this latest restraining order move, we have learned that Stan has dismissed the billion dollar lawsuit against POW! Entertainment for fraud and conversion. In a statement given to the media, Stan wrote quote “The whole thing has been confusing to everyone, including myself and the fans, but I am now happy to be surrounded by those who want the best for me,”  “I am thrilled to put the lawsuit behind me, get back to business with my friends and colleagues at POW! and launch the next wave of amazing characters and stories!”
characters and stories!”   

POW! CEO Shane Duffy added, “We are ecstatic that this ill-founded lawsuit has been dismissed and we look forward to working with Stan again to develop and produce the great projects that were put on hold when the lawsuit was filed. We recently got together with Stan to discuss our path forward and we and [parent company] Camsing are pleased with his overwhelmingly enthusiastic reaction.”

This kind of leads you to believe that Keya Morgan might have been behind the lawsuit and with Mister Morgan out of the way, Stan’s new representation, saw fit to end the lawsuit.

POW! Also announced that they have regained control of Stan’s twitter account. The following was relesed on Stan’s official webpage:Quote To help Stan continue the tradition started with Stan’s Soapbox, POW!’s social media team created and has for years solely managed therealstanlee Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts, as well as the Facebook page realstanlee, with Stan’s participation and approval.

But, recently access and management of the Twitter account was temporarily out of our (and Stan’s) control. That situation has now been rectified. Stan Lee’s social media accounts are once again being exclusively managed by POW! with Stan’s participation.

Unlike certain recent statements that were falsely presented in Stan’s voice, we want to assure you of our promise to be completely transparent and honest with you, the fans. POW! would never want to break your trust or put you in a position where you are unsure of Stan’s participation in his social media. Unquote

So in the future, *singing* look for the stan lee sign off when you are reading your twitter feed…


And this past Thursday, a new video of Stan was put up on his twitter account. Quote “I’m Back.” He also promised that this video would be the first in a new series saying quote “I’m warning you, I’m back again with new energy, and new care, and new protestations of the fact that I love my fans.”

Let’s just hope that we are nearing the end of the controversies surrounding Stan this past year since the death of his wife Joan. He’s like everyone’s grandpa.

News came down the web, that Nicolas Cage will be putting on a Spider-man suit… figuratively for the upcoming animated Spider-man animated film. He will be voicing Spider-man Noir This version of Spider-man  is a darker take on the Marvel hero who comes from the Great Depression around the 1930s. Cage will be joined by Shameik Moore (as Spider-Man/Miles Morales), Jake Johnson (as Peter Parker), Hailee Steinfeld (as Gwen Stacy), and Mahershala Ali (as Miles’ uncle Aaron).
The film will follow a young Miles Morales who’s introduced to the Spider-Verse, where there’s more than one Spider-Man. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse comes out on December 14 in the UK and U.S. and December 26 in Australia.


Cate Shortland has been tapped to direct Marvel’s “Black Widow” standalone movie starring Scarlett Johansson, sources confirmed to Variety.

The film has been in development for awhile, but picked up momentum in January when Jac Schaeffer was tapped to pen the script. Kevin Feige is producing the pic.

Marvel had no comment on the news.


Signs are pointing toward Comcast abandoning its bid for 21st Century Fox’s assets. Comcast has just raised its bid for European pay-tv giant Sky. In a report by deadline.com , Comcast is reportedly putting forth a new bid of 34 billion for the service, hours after Fox put in a new bid of 32.5 billion.  Fox currently owns 39 percent of the European company and has been angling to purchase the remaining 61 percent.It would make sense for Comcast to go after something that’s easier to acquire since it’s currently not winning the bid for the rest of 21st Century Fox.


We have also gotten a tease at a new Marvel Comic series, The Superior Octopus Little is said in the teaser quote “Doc Ock-tober starts (and ends?) here!” Un quote  I’m gonna guess we’ll get a lot more info at SDCC.


Onto some DC news.

Just when you thought it was safe to merge…Trump’s Dept of Justice has announced that they are appealing the merger of Comcast and Time Warner. CNBC reports that court documents were filed this past Thursday, with AT&T lawyer David McAtee said that the company was surprised by the appeal. A federal judge had ruled back in June that the mega merger was legal and decided that it would impose no conditions on the merger. However, the DoJ said at the time that the deal would make the pay-TV market “less competitive and less innovative.” The companies merged thinking that the DOJ was just going to let it go, but apparently not.

This might really complicate Comcast going after Fox’s assets and why they are going after Sky now.


SHAZAM! Damn, didn’t work. Anyway, the first photo of the character from the new DCU film has been released. I wish we could just call the character Captain Marvel again. But Shazam is seen for the first time in all his splendor. We will reportedly get our first footage of the movie at Warner Brothers Hall h panel at Comic con International . Stay tuned to our twitter feed when that arrives.


Shazam! is set to hit theaters on April 5, 2019. DC’s other two movies currently on the way are Aquaman, which arrives on December 21, and Wonder Woman 1984, which is scheduled to debut on November 1, 2019.


We’ve known for some time that Batman has been keeping files on all the metahumans in the DC Universe, just in case he needs to take them down. Well now we get a peek into those files with DC Comics’ Anatomy of a Superhero, a new reference book coming out in September from Insight Editions. The book is written by S.D. Perry and Matthew Manning. The book will have an extensive set of chapters covering members of the Justice League like Superman and Aquaman, and the biggest villains of the multiverse like Darkseid and Doomsday. The beautiful anatomical artwork is provided by Ming Doyle, The book is presented as something that came directly from Batman’s archives. You can preorder it now. And if you use my amazon associates link, you can help pay for this show. Just find the link on our website or in the show notes. https://www.amazon.com/?&_encoding=UTF8&tag=multiverseton-20&linkCode=ur2&linkId=50c6bb6e5af1d4715adaea34ca0a7f9e&camp=1789&creative=9325


DC has put forth another reason to subscribe to it’s DC Universe subscription service, Batman: The Animated Series will be released on the service in High Definition for the first time ever. There is no word on if this is a full remaster or just an increase in resolution or if it will be in the standard 4:3 aspect ratio or will be cropped into the 16:9 ratio that current televisions use. I guess we’ll have to wait and see for sure.


The television adaptation of FX’s Y The Last Man on Earth is moving forward with some big casting news. FX has announced Barry Keoghan (Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer) will star as Yorick, while Lane (Under the Tuscan Son, Justice League) will play his mother, Sen. Jennifer Brown. They’re joined by Imogen Poots (Green Room) as Yorick’s tough-talking paramedic sister Hero; Lashana Lynch (Captain Marvel) as Agent 355, a deadly Secret Service agent; Juliana Canfield (Succession) as Yorick’s girlfriend Beth, who unlike in the comics is described as a “Brooklyn-based knife maker”; and Marin Ireland (Hell or High Water) as Nora, “the president’s senior assistant and right hand.” Nora wasn’t a big character in the comics, but it sounds as if she’s being given more focus in the adaptation. No word yet on when filming will begin or a possible launch date.


The Joker Origin Film starring Joaquin Phoenix is moving forward at Warner Brothers. The film, which doesn’t have a title yet, according to the Hollywood Reporter is expected to go into production in September, which would put in a possible late 2019 release slot.  Todd Phillips, who co-wrote the script with Scott Silver, is set to direct the movie which is described as a crime drama and described as a quote “exploration of a man disregarded by society [that] is not only a gritty character study, but also a broader cautionary tale.” unquote and has a budget of fifty five million.


Now this is just ONE of several films that WB is working on featuring Joker. Others include Jared Leto’s version showing up in Harley Quinn, Birds of Prey, Suicide Squad 2 , a Joker and Harley Film, seperate from the Harley Quinn one and ANOTHER solo project with Leto not only staring but producing.


They haven’t been made yet, and I’m already sick of that white faced clown. Doesn’t help that .when they describe Joaquin’s movie as a crime drama I think Law and Order: Gotham.


And this just in today, The CW has announced that it is developing a Batwoman solo series set in the Arrowverse., the show will debut in 2019, should it get picked up. Caroline Dries, will write, who wrote and produced the Vampire Diaries, will Executive Produce and write the show. Also in an EP role will be Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter, Geoff Johns. If they show gets the pickup, it will be Berlanti’s seventh CW show and his fifteenth overall.


Now let’s do some geek news,


c2E2 in chicago has announced a change in their 2019 dates. The convention had been planned for the same dates as Kansas City’s Planet Comicon and Anaheim’s  Wondercon on the weekend of March 24, 2019. C2e2 moved it’s dates up one week to March 22, 23 and 24th, 2019.ReedPOP Event Director Mike Armstrong said it was due to several factors from Star Wars Celebration at the same location in April, but also access to more of the convention center.

“There are multiple considerations when changing the dates on a convention of this size,” says ReedPOP Event Director Mike Armstrong. “Shifting one week earlier allows C2E2 to spread out over more McCormick Place, makes hotel rooms more readily available for fans and puts us in a better position to get big name talent and exhibitors that our fans want to see.”


Planet Comicon tweeted on the news quote Our friends at @C2E2 have announced that they moved their 2019 dates to March 22-24. @PlanetComicon Kansas City will be held on March 29-31 & we are pleased there is no longer a conflict between the dates of our respective shows!  We look forward to great success for everyone! Unquote


Now if you’d like me to go cover c2e2 in the future, feel free to tip me on my Ko-fi or Patreon pages.


It’s official, Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner is switching over to Todd McFarlane’s Spawn reboot. He has been cast as Detective ‘Twitch’ Williams alongside Jamie Foxx’s title character. The news was announced exclusively to Deadline.com  McFarlane, who will both write and direct the movie told Deadline, quote
“As a first time director, I wanted to surround myself with the most talent and the most skilled people I can on all fronts,”. “I was lucky enough to land Jason Blum and then Jamie Foxx, and I knew the person on screen the most is this police officer, Twitch Williams. We needed as strong a person as possible because he will be the face of the film. I took my naïve Hollywood approach again, and said let’s start at the top and work down. Jeremy was at the top. I’m a huge fan of his. The character doesn’t need to be a bodybuilder or GQ handsome. I was looking for somebody who’s a person you’ve met before; I needed someone who can pull off the grief of an average human being. I’ve seen Jeremy do that in more than a few of his movies. He was at the top of my list, just like Jamie.” Todd then compared Spawn to King Arthur and Twitch to Sir Lancelot.


McFarlane said the next step will be to lock a distributor to set the financing on a film that will likely carry a $10 million-$12 million budget, an R rating, and franchise potential.


I suggest Warner brothers, they seem to like grimdark superheroes.


A television adaptation of Valiant Comics Quantum and Woody has found a tv home at TBS. The series will be executive produced by Joe and Anthony Russo with Mike Lacocca. Andrew Barrer and Gabriel Ferrari who wrote Ant-man and The Wasp will write the show’s pilot The comic was created by Christopher Priest and mark Bright in 1997 and follows two adoptive brothers, Eric Henderson and Woodrow “Woody Van chelton who come together years later to solve the murder of their father. While investigating the murder, they gain superpowers. The good side, they can generate energy bolts and summon protective shields. The bad side, if they don’t slap the metal wristbands they carry together at least once a day, they’ll dissolve at the molecular level. No word yet on when this show will come out.


In the everything from the eighties needs to be rebooted file comes new news that Robocop will be rebooted by director Neill Blomkamp, who made the acclaimed District 9. The original Robocop stared Peter Weller as the part man, part robot all cop titular character. It was directed by Paul Verhoeven and written by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner.  Robocop Returns will be written by upcoming Terminator screenwriter Justin Rhodes,and will ignore the previous entries and 2014 reboot.


Given that the original was set in a run down Detroit, shooting in the real Detroit will probably be too run down to be believable.


The Emmy Award nominations have been announced. https://www.emmys.com/awards/nominees-winners/2018/outstanding-sound-editing-for-a-series


And there are quite a few nominations for genre tv. Westworld and Stranger Things are up for best drama. The uss callister episode of black mirror came away with seven nominations including: Outstanding Cinematography For A Miniseries Or Movie,Outstanding Lead Actor In A Limited Series Or Movie for Jesse Plemons, Outstanding Writing,Outstanding Sound Editing,Outstanding Made For Television Movie,Outstanding Music Composition and Outstanding Single Camera Picture Editing. Star Trek Discovery received two technical emmy nods for outstanding sound editing and prosthetic makeup. Star Wars Rebels and A Series of Unfortunate Events got nods for best childrens program. Game of thrones got 22 nominations. Westworld got 21 nominations including two for best actor in a drama and a best actress nomination. Rick and Morty even got an emmy nod for the Pickle Rick episode!


Too bad The Orville didn’t get any emmy nominations. Better luck next year.


We end tonight saying goodbye to one of comic books greatest artists.


On June 29th, New York City police confirmed the death of legendary comics artist and co creator of Spiderman and creator of Doctor Strange, Steve Ditko.


Stephen J. Ditko was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on Nov. 2, 1927. He developed an interest in comics from his father (who loved Prince Valiant) and from Batman and the Spirit, which both debuted as he entered his teens.

After he graduated high school, Ditko would serve in the army in post-war Germany, drawing for a military paper. After being discharged, he would move to New York City in 1950 and studied under Batman artist Jerry Robinson at the Cartoonists and Illustrators School

By 1953, Ditko was getting work as a professional comics artist, including at the studio of Captain America creators Joe Simon and Jack Kirby. He began drawing for Marvel Comics forerunner Atlas Comics in 1955. He had a successful collaboration with Stan Lee at first, as the pair worked on a number of science fiction stories together.


In 1961, Steve Ditko and  Stan Lee created Spider-Man. Stan, who was the  editor-in-chief at Marvel Comics, handed Ditko the assignment after he wasn’t happy  with Jack Kirby’s take on the idea of a teenage superhero with spider powers. Everything about the look of Spider-Man — the costume, the web shooters,and the red and blue design came from the mind of  Ditko. Spider-Man first appeared in Amazing Fantasy No. 15. The comic was an unexpected hit and the character was spun off into The Amazing Spider-Man. Ditko then helped create such classic Spider-Man characters as Doctor Octopus, Sandman, the Lizard, and Green Goblin. Starting with issue No. 25 Ditko received a plot credit in addition to his artist credit. Ditko’s run ended with issue No. 38.


Two years later in 1963, Steve Ditko created the Master of the Mystic Arts, Doctor Stephen Strange in Strange Tales No. 110 and Ditko would  continue on the comic through issue No. 146.


After a fight with Lee, Steve left Marvel comics, what the argument was over has never been explained. The pair had not been on speaking terms for several years. Ditko never explained his side and Lee claimed not to really know what motivated Ditko’s exit. The best explanation that has been put forth suggests that Ditko was getting frustrated with Lee’s oversight and that Ditko didn’t think Stan was properly sharing credit for Ditko’s contributions to Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. Kirby thought Lee was more interested in self-promotion than selling the company and in the process implied that he deserved the lion’s share of the credit for creating the characters in the Marvel Universe.


Steve Ditko would than go on to work for Charlton, DC Comics and other small independent publishers. He would return to Marvel in 1979, where he worked on Machine Man and the Micronauts. IN the 90’s he continued working for them as a freelancer in the 1990s. One of his last creations was Squirrel Girl who debuted in 1992.


Ditko maintained a Manhattan studio until his death, where he continued to write and draw, though how much and what unpublished material remain is unknown.

Ditko has no known survivors. He is believed never to have married.

Steve Ditko, legendary comics artist dead at the age of 90.


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