Episode Sixteen

Tonight! A special New Years edition with a little news and a special interview on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!


Happy New Year and Welcome to Episode Sixteen of Multiverse Tonight, I’m your host, Thomas Townley. This is a very special episode unlike our usual episode, we’re gonna take it easy on this one. Just a few news items and an interview with my friend from SciFi4Me, Jason Hunt.

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The Second Annual Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society Award Ceremony will take place on Wednesday, January 9, 2019, at the Taglyan Complex in Los Angeles and honored this year will be Captain Marvel star Brie Larson who will be given the second annual trailblazer award and
Star Trek actor John Cho will be the first recipient of the new LAFOCS Acting Achievement Award. Since beginning his carrer in 1997, John has been in over 100 different films and tv shows. Congrats to both. Well deserved awards.



Aquaman is proving to be a good catch for Warner Brothers. The movie is headed towards 400 million dollars at the box office, most of that from the Chinese box office. It has also proven Disney all wet beating out Mary Poppins returns which came in second to the King of the Seas.




Ava Duvernay might just be teasing us on who the focus of her New Gods movie will be. On twitter she posted an image that features Highfather, Orion, Lightray and Mister Miracle Scott Free and Scott’s wife Big Barda, also pictured is Metron. It’ll be interesting to see where they go with these characters. I’m hoping that Scott Free will be the main focus. Love me some Mister Miracle.



We now know the timeline for Star Wars Episode Nine, Empire Magazine reports that the movie will start a year after the events of the Last Jedi…maybe it takes a year for Luke to reconstitute himself?



And congratulations to George Lucas for coming in first on  the 2018 Forbes list of america’s wealthiest celebrities. According to Forbes, the Star Wars creator has a net worth of $5.4 billion. Most of that coming from the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney which gave his new worth 4.1 billion. George beat out his friend Steven Spielberg who came in second with 3.7 billion. Perhaps they should spread some of that wealth around? Spielberg could offer refunds to those who saw the last Indiana Jones movie at least and George could offer restitution for the Star Wars Holiday Special.



Thomas: [00:04:59] Welcome back. My guest today is Mr. Jason Hunt the man who is more or less responsible for me speaking to you through this mike today.

Jason Hunt: [00:05:09] I don’t want to say that you want to claim that.

Thomas: [00:05:13] He is the founder publisher and editor of sci fi for me dot com SciFi for me is an all in one site for all things sci fi with newsfeeds reviews interviews and podcasts. They cater to these science fiction and celebrates 10 years in 2019. Jason Hunt welcome to multiverse tonight.

Jason Hunt: [00:05:32] Thanks for having me. It’s good to be here and congratulations on the show. This I hear this is doing pretty well.

Thomas: [00:05:39] Yeah pretty pretty well you know we’re six months along. So yeah.

Thomas: [00:05:44] And I’ve just signed for my first my first ever table at at the Smallville comic con.

Jason Hunt: [00:05:53] Well that’ll be fun and we’re hoping to get down there too. So we’ll see you down there.

Thomas: [00:05:58] Oh great. Hey maybe we can share the table. I’m going to do that.

Thomas: [00:06:05] Starting off here. Jason go ahead and take us back to the beginning. How did sci fi for me come about.

Jason Hunt: [00:06:12] Well. It was February of 2009 when the Sci Fi Channel announced that they were changing their brand. And this was when they first announced the switch over to a sci fi with the new spelling. And ostensibly what they had shared as their reasoning for the change was that they could control the trademark a little bit better. They could expand some of the different programs that they were able to do. And it was met with a great deal of negative blowback from the fans who felt that you know 17 years we’ve given the Sci Fi channel its success and now you’re abandoning us try and be another USA Network. And a lot of the discussion on the online bulletin boards and discussion threads were basically and fans say we just want someplace we can get science fiction and none of us reality shows and the supernatural and the ghost hunters and the hauntings and the whatever. And my initial thought was Well why does it have to be a cable network. What if it was something online. And this is back before the the digital channels that we’ve got now before Netflix before Disney plus before Hulu and all of those others, we had the idea that eventually what I could do is set up a site that could be kind of an all in one where you could watch video you could read any kind of news articles and basically be the movie theater the newspaper or the TV station and the radio station and there and the community center all in one Web site. Didn’t quite work out like that but we launched in March of 2009 right after that. I’m thinking eventually we would be an online TV network very similar to the way Sci Fi Channel started when it was just a little channel in Florida. And the response was not great. Yeah. It was the limited resources being what the world started off as a blog in a basement just like anything else. But we went about a week after we launched the site and managed to get into our first planet Comic Con with cameras and microphones and we were able to interview several of the guests there including Erin Gray and we talked to Carrie Cowan and. Kevin Mellon and Dennis Hopeless. This was back before Kevin was a storyboard artist on Archer before Dennis Hopeless was working for Marvel. We’ve talked to. Him. He’s married to. He’s married to Kelly Sue I believe now once his name he was I can’t remember his name. He.He did Iron Man when he went he went to do Iron Man right after right after we had uh. We had interviewed him. So we had a good start. But it was. No. Small. It was not as succesful as I had originally anticipated. But now eyes were bigger than my my internet at that point.

Thomas: [00:09:29] No well we know what it is. No no. It’s a bill it’s a building thing. What have been some of the highlights for sci fi for me.

Jason Hunt: [00:09:44] A lot of them. One of the things that was having this site has afforded us is the ability to meet with and visit a number of celebrities. I mean that’s that’s the usual perk that gets talked to all of these people that you see on TV and you very quickly realize that. They’re just they’re just people like anybody else. And you know they have they have needs and they have desires and they get tired and they have things that they don’t want to talk about. They have things that they really want to talk about. They’re just like anything else. And you know being able to get a little bit of an interest inside perspective. On you know the production of television shows movies and the process of creating books and comic books and that sort of thing that’s been a highlight but also being able to just talk to people just meet with people and events and we’ve been able to do things that no other website has ever done before or since we did all five days at Worldcon seventy four five from the floor of the event. We have 53 interviews in five days. We talk to just about everybody. Once I figured out what we were doing there. Because it was it was it was something new or something that people had to wrap their head around that we were actually live streaming Worldcon very similar to what you would see with a broadcast network doing a Sports event or a political convention where you had anchors down on the floor you had reporters out in the out on the field and we were talking about this event pretty much through the entire five days that was here in Kansas City and then we also did it for Planet Comic Con in 2017 and our hope is to do more of that. In 2019 from a number of other events.

Thomas: [00:11:43] And so now you’ve done all you do all these things about you about the beginning of 2018 you started winding down. Take me back there. And what made you decide to come back.

Jason Hunt: [00:11:56] Well. We run our site now with a wordpress template. And I’m constantly looking for plug ins that would help us you know make that design better and give us more features and more functions. And one of the challenges has always been getting good statistics getting good data on our audience our traffic and what kind of things people are looking at. And I finally found a plug in that can give us a distinction between traffic that is generated by bots. You know, Search engines and malware and you know information data mining and that sort of thing. And. Traffic coming from an actual real. People IP address and back in September or October last year we determined that about ninety five percent of our traffic was generated by bots. So we decided to take a break re-evaluate a little bit and kind of wind down and we did. We did a few video productions up through the beginning of 2018 but then we pretty much went dark and and my original thought at that point was that we were done. And. I mulled about it for a little bit and really didn’t have any plan to come back until planet Comic Con announced their dates and announced that it was their 20th anniversary that was coming up here on March 2019 and that got me thinking well March of 2019 is going to be our 10th anniversary. And if we go back to planet comic Con that would be our tenth time at planet Comic Con so things things started you know just kind of circling around in my head that you know these are things that I started thinking about okay well if we came back what would it look like. What kind of things would we need to do knowing that. Our audience. Is. Not really there that we’d basically be starting from scratch which is which is the approach that we’ve taken. So I’ve done a lot of research. We did a lot of market surveys trying to determine what would be the best approach in my. I I think where we’re about 80 percent there.

Thomas: [00:14:05] Perfect. And so now not to bring it back to tell us more about what you plan on doing in this coming year.

Jason Hunt: [00:14:13] We’re going to do a lot more collaborations for one. We’re excited about some of the partnerships that we’re putting together starting in January. We have five shows coming back. We have two shows coming back and several new shows we have H2O podcast is coming back. Tim Harvey and I are gonna be doing our thing and we have a new show called Good morning multiverse which is gonna run on Saturday mornings. Which is kind of you as the name implies it’s very similar to good morning America. It’s going to be a mix of news and discussion and interviews and feature stories Whatnot. And then we have a new show called Tartus sauce. Which is going to be our doctor who themed discussion program. We’re partnering with the guys over on the traveling the vortex podcast out of Topeka and Tim Harvey is going to be our participant. He’s going to give our side of it. And then Glenn, Sean and Keith from traveling Vortex will be in on that as well. And it’ll be a bi weekly every other week. Program half our program discussing pretty much every thing having to do withDr. Who not just the current season and the current doctor but also everything else all the way back to the beginning that includes you know classic who that includes the books includes the comic books from Titan it includes the virgin books and includes the wilderness years the audio stuff anything and everything having to do with Doctor Who. They’ll have that on the table and then we’ll have another program called trailer park which is going to be a discussion roundtable discussion among filmmakers film critics and industry professionals about the trailers that are coming out. So whenever we say we just had a trailer for Avengers Endgame that would be something we would look at the trailer analyze does it work doesn’t work does give away too much if you want to see the movie. Is there stuff that’s not in there that I want to see in there and talk about the process of actually making trailers and what goes into that step in and the marketing of a film to generate the audience to get people in the seats. And then we’ve had a couple of other things that are in development for February that I’m not quite ready to announce yet but It’s coming. I’m Excited about about everything that we’re gonna be able to do.

Thomas: [00:16:35] Great.

Thomas: [00:16:36] And so there is more there’s way more to come after this initial release.

Jason Hunt: [00:16:41] There is an and I think a couple of things are going to be very exciting for fans people who have been around for a while especially people my age. They are going to really appreciate some of the news we’ve got. I’m I’m not I’m not quite ready to say yet because I need to I need to make sure everybody’s OK with us announcing it making it public or we’re really excited about a couple of partnerships that we still have yet to make public.

Thomas: [00:17:12] Cool. Now as far as the genre projects this this coming year 2019 like the new Avengers movie things like that. Is there anything you’re looking forward to.

Jason Hunt: [00:17:28] I would say I’m curious about what Captain Marvel is going to do given that it is the beginning of the next. You know it’s it’s not really the beginning of Phase Four but it’s coming in on the tail end of Phase 3 into Phase four and we’re hearing not too much yet. The reactions to the trailers have been mixed. Got too many people were thrilled with what they’ve seen out of Brie Larson so far but it’s still early in the campaign. So that’s that’s out there. You’ve got Avengers endgame of course which is coming out which I’m not as looking, I’m not looking forward to it as much because I know that there is going to be things happening after that because we already know that there’s a Spider-Man movie Far from home that’s coming out so we know that Peter Parker is going to come back which kind of implies that everybody is going to come back not not everyone will make it back in. But we know that there’s going to be some resolution to that and this kind of it kind of. Spoils it a little bit. And then of course you’ve got Star Wars Episode Nine coming out at the end of the year and I think. Despite my disappointment with the Last Jedi I am about 60 percent looking forward to episode 9 I’m curious what J.J. Abrams is going to do to fix things. Given what we’re hearing now coming out of Disney and LucasFilm. As far as the reset. So-called quote unquote in addition to what they’re do with TV with Mandalorian and the other the other projects they’ve got in development.

Thomas: [00:19:11] Oh great.

Thomas: [00:19:12] All right. That’s all I say that’s all the questions I have today. Jason Hunt is the editor and publisher of sci fi for me sci fi for me and has he said the return of H2O comes out on January 5th. You can find it wherever podcasts are found and we’ll have a link to sci fi for me in the show notes Jason Hunt. Thank you for being here.

Jason Hunt: [00:19:33] Thanks Thomas. Looking forward to talking to you again of course.

Thomas: [00:19:37] All right I got write for you again.

Jason Hunt: [00:19:39] That’s right. Well we need you to talk about that the return of The Longbox Hunter. I’m looking forward to it.

Thomas: [00:19:45] Yep got get gotta sit got to nail my butt to this chair so I can write.

Jason Hunt: [00:19:50] That’s right. You’re on a deadline now sir. All right. Good to see you. All right. You sir need you.

Jason Hunt: [00:19:56] Bye. [896.3]


That brings us to the end of this edition,  We will be back in two weeks with our regular compliment of news.


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