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Cold Open:Tonight!  DC drops details on it’s own streaming service! Fox and Disney get approval from the Feds and we say goodbye to one of the greats of Sci Fi. All this and more on this edition of Multiverse Tonight!

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This past week, I had the chance to go to the Smallville Comic con in the renamed to Smallville for the weekend, city of Hutchinson, Kansas. I had a good time, passed out a few business cards, talked to Mindy Sterling from Austin Powers for a minute or two. This small con is really coming along, I look forward to year six, maybe I’ll get a table for Multiverse Tonight there.


Let’s get to the news and let’s start with DC.


DC has announced it’s plans for their new streaming service titled, of course, DC Universe. It will not only be streaming shows and movies, but also comics as well.

There are several new original TV shows that will premiere on the service that have already been announced: the live-action Titans is scheduled to debut later this year, with Swamp Thing and Doom Patrol scheduled for 2019. On the animated side, the third season of Young Justice: Outsiders and the new Harley Quinn series will debut in 2019, as well. DC Universe will also feature older films and TV shows featuring DC Comics characters, Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, the Christopher Reeve Superman films, and TV shows like Lois and Clark and Wonder Woman.  So far, the newer films like Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad weren’t part of the announcement. So they probably won’t be added till they get a bit older.

As for the comics side the announcement was kinda vague. It said that  DC Universe will offer quote “a rotating, curated selection of digital comics” unquote that will include various titles, stretching back to the introduction of Superman in the 1930s.

The service will be available on the web as well as on phones, tablets, and TV screens, with support planned for iOS and Android devices, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. The complete service will launch this fall, but those interested in getting a sneak peek can sign up to be part of the August beta release at the DC Universe website.


Since we’re talking about this new service, Reports are indicating that Kelsey Grammer is being courted to play Dr. Niles Caulder aka The Chief in a DCU TV Series, The Doom Patrol, the show will be a spinoff of The Titans series that is coming to Warner Bros new streaming service DC Universe.


Of course, Kelsey Grammer, if chosen is no novice when it comes to genre projects, having played The Beast in several X-Men movies.


That Hashtag show reports that Aquaman director James Wan is has agreed to help direct the pilot of Swamp Thing for DC’s DC Universe. The report said that  Wan will co-direct the pilot alongside Deran Sarfian.Whose credits include Buffy the Vampire Slayer, House, and Fringe.


We are also getting news about HBO’s Watchmen series, Deadline reports that Jeremy Irons, who played Alfred in Batman V Superman, will play a lead role, the role is unknown except for the description of quote “an aging and imperious lord of a British Manor” unquote He joins the cast including  Don Johnson, Regina King, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., Adelaide Clemens, and Andrew Howard. The series is reportedly largely set in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and appears to follow characters who were not established in the Watchmen comics.


Kinda like having a show called “Superman” and never seeing Superman or taking place in Metropolis.


DC Comics is coming to an unusual place, Walmart. DC announced that it has partnered Walmart for a series of “100-page Giant” anthology titles that will feature both exclusive new stories and reprints of classic tales from various eras in DC Comics history. The inaugural titles in the line will go on sale July 1, and will ultimately feature serialized stories from top DC creators like Brian Michael Bendis, Tom King, Dan Jurgens, Amanda Conner, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Tim Seeley.

The 100-page Giant line will star with four titles, all on sale July 1 at more than 3,000 Walmart stores nationwide: Batman Giant, Superman Giant, Justice League of America Giant, and Teen Titans Giant. Beginning in August the books will take on a staggered schedule, with Superman Giant and Justice League of America Giant arriving in the first week of the month and Batman Giant and Teen Titans Giant arriving “approximately two weeks later.”

Now this move is not without controversy as some comic shop owners feel put out by this circumvention of the traditional direct market system.

However, I think that what they’re missing here is that these are mostly reprints with some new stories mixed in, this entrance into Walmart can only help get a new generation interested in comics. This will lead to more shoppers at the local comic book store.

And on the heels of this new line of Walmart Anthologies comes an announcement that DC Comics will switch from glossy to non-glossy paper stock for the entire line of comics..

Well Cyborg has met his end…for the second time. The ongoing Cyborg series has been cancelled with issue number twenty three. His last series was just cancelled last year. Seems Cyborg isn’t really compelling enough for the cyber age.

There has been a lot of talk about refugees these past few years, from the refugees fleeing war torn Syria to refugees fleeing Central American gangs. IN a tweet on World Refugee Day, DC Comics posted quote  “Superman stands up for what’s right. Did you also know he’s a refugee? This #WorldRefugeeDay, be like Superman and stand up for what’s right. #StandWithRefugees and @theIRC.” unquote https://twitter.com/DCComics/status/1009481161201078273

Superman after all is a refugee from the destroyed planet Krypton. Who grew up to fight for truth, justice and the American Way. Give that some thought for awhile, won’t you?


When you look at Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman you think meat, don’t you? And I don’t mean them as meat, I mean they eat meat. Well one of the UK’s biggest meat manufacturers hopes that they will sell meat to young Britons. Food company ABP has signed a major licensing deal with Warner Bros to create the range of “child-friendly” superhero-themed sausages and burgers. Each pack carries either Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman branding, with the sausage range containing 56 percent meat.

Flavours include “pork and baked beans” and “pork, cheese and ketchup”. The meat is made of British beef and pork and the burgers are cut into a superhero logo. ABP UK commercial director Darren Jones said: quote “This is a first for the fresh and frozen meat categories and helps to create excitement for meat products in younger consumers.” unquote

Warner Bros consumer products general manager Rachel Wakley said: “We are truly excited about delivering our DC characters to fans in this innovative, fun and extremely tasty way.”

I think I’ve lost my appetite.


Let’s switch over and see what Marvel is doing, shall we?


Fox has accepted Disney’s revised bid of 71.3 billion dollars, topping the bid put in by rival Comcast of sixty five billion dollars. And the Dept of Justice has just given it’s approval to the Disney-Fox deal. This puts the Disney bid in a better position to win. However this doesn’t mean the bidding war is over, Comcast could still come back with another offer. However, Comcast might have to go into some deep debt to get there. With a little luck, we might see a Marvel family reunion any day now.

We’ve learned more about how the upcoming MCU film Ant-man and The Wasp fits in with Infinity War. Apparently, The movie will take place before Infinity War, According to Kevin Feige, “Ant-Man and The Wasp also connects directly to Avengers 4,” Feige said. “These characters are going to be very important going forward.” Antman and the wasp opens on July 6th.

Sony’s spiderman universe will get a little larger, with Silk, based on the character that first debuted in Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 3 #1. To get you caught up, here’s a little background on the character. Cindy Moon is one of Peter’s classmates and is part of the decathlon team.  In the comics, we learned that Cindy was also bitten by the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker. She too manifested powers. To quote Wikipedia, “Cindy gained similar abilities to Peter Parker when she was bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave him his abilities, though her spider-sense (dubbed by her as “Silk Sense”) is far stronger than Peter’s. On their first meeting, Peter observed that she was even faster than him, though not quite as strong. She also has the ability to shoot webs out of her fingertips and an eidetic memory.” The character of Cindy Moon did appear in Spider-man Homecoming.

As for other properties being developed in the Spider-verse, Sony is currently working on Venom which arrives later this year and is also working on a Black Cat Silver Sable caper film. When or if Silk comes to the screen is unknown, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you were around in the nineties I was and it was an interesting time, one of the biggest events that happened in comic books was the result of the cross company crossover Marvel vs DC/DC vs Marvel, in the middle of the event. Both universes got mashed together creating the Amalgam Universe.  Now Marvel has taken it upon themselves to mashup their own superheroes with each other in Infinity Warps. Marvel creators teased the upcoming project on social media with the hashtag WhoGetsWarped It is not clear how the mashups happen or what else happens. However two were released. Iron Hammer is a mashup of Iron Man and Thor, bringing sleek Asgardian design to modern tech. Infinity Wars: Iron Hammer #1 will be written by Al Ewing with interior art by Ramon Ramos. https://www.polygon.com/comics/2018/6/22/17492986/marvel-infinity-warps-miniseries
And Soldier Supreme, a blend of Captain America and Doctor Strange. Infinity Wars: Soldier Supreme #1 will be written by Gerry Duggan, with art by Adam Kubert.

Each series will run for two issues, starting in September


In an exclusive interview with comicbook dot com, Marvel Studio Head Kevin Feige revealed that fans will have to wait a bit longer for a first look at Captain Marvel, as it as they are still figuring it out.. Besides, as Kevin says quote “”You already know as much as you need to,” “We’ve got Skrulls, we’ve got the Kree, it takes place in the 90s, you have Sam Jackson with two eyes and Carol Danvers, a unique telling of the Carol Danvers origin story. We are about two weeks out from completion of principal photography.”

Feige also said that the role of Captain Marvel, as well as newcomers like Black Panther, Spider-man and the Wasp are quote “very important, very important” to the franchise’s future.


Kevin Feige also says that the MCU will soon have two LGBTQ characters in future films and we already know one of them. Now which character that is, is uncertain.There is speculation that he was referring to Valkyrie,played by Tessa Thompson, who last october on twitter said that her character was bi. But there’s no proof that that’s who Feige meant.


We also got an unexpected leak from Spider-man himself, Tom Holland. A tweet from the actor shows him holding up a copy of the script for the Spiderman Homecoming sequel with the name  Spider-man: Far From Home on it. What exactly does the title mean? No one can (or probably will) say. My guess would be Spider-man goes world hopping. Maybe not even this world. Or maybe it’s a 2 hour therapy session with him trying to resolve what happened in Infinity War?

Black Panther has choked up another award. The movie won Best Movie at the BET Awards. The movie is racking up awards left and right. Fingers crossed for that Oscar. We will have some more award news later in the podcast.


Just when you thought it was safe to go without a Stan Lee update, news drops.
If you remember last time, Stan was liberated from his business manager Keya Morgan after he allegedly had two men threaten Stan outside his home and also moving Stan to his home and tweeting as Stan using his Stan’s twitter account. Keya has now been charged with two counts of filing a false report of an emergency and two counts of filing a false report of a crime along with a probation violation. All of these charges are misdemeanors and he will be back in court on July second.

Let’s beam up to some Star Trek News.


Last time we talked about how Alex Kurtzman got his hands on the reigns over at Star Trek Discovery after the previous runners, both allegedly blew up the budget in the first half of the season and abused the writers in the writers room. Now according to a report in Variety, the franchise will expand with four new shows in development under Kurtzman’s rule. Variety says these shows include: A series taking place at Starfleet Academy. The concept is created by Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz, who are known for “Gossip Girl” and “Runaways.”
A limited series based on the “Wrath of Khan” story, which was portrayed multiple times in “Star Trek” history. Ricardo Montalbán portrayed Khan in the “Star Trek: The Original Series” episode “Space Seed”, and reprised the role in the 1982 film “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.” Benedict Cumberbatch also played the character in the 2013 film “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” (io9 adds there have been reports for a while that “Wrath of Khan” director Nicholas Meyer was heading the project.
A limited series with confidential plot details.
An animated series whose plot details are also confidential.


And more news on the producer shuffle over at Discovery as CBS has hired Major Crimes creator James Duff as Executive Producer. Also,  some existing staff has been promoted: consulting producer Jenny Lumet, is now a co-executive producer; and co-executive producer Olatunde Osunsanmi has been promoted to executive producer and will also serve as director and producer on the show’s set in Toronto. Good Luck to all of these new producers, you apparently will need it.


The limited or animated series details as I’ve said are unknown, but the most intriguing current front runner in the horse race is a new series starring Patrick Stewart returning as Captain. Jean Luc Picard, a role he hasn’t acted in since 2002’s Star Trek Nemesis. The rumor that is being bandied about is that it will be an animated version of The Next Generation.  Hmmm. If it’s done in a good style, say like Archer or The Venture Bros. that would be cool. CBS, I would pay to watch that. Make it so.


Of course, All I want right now, is for Discovery to properly fit into continuity. After that Kurtzman can make Star Trek Babies for all I care…as long as it too fits into continuity. (This is called consistency kids.)


Well I have some good news and bad news, the bad news is McFarlane Toys Kirk and Picard action figures won’t be released next month. The good news? They will still be released this year. The release date has been pushed back to September 12th. I guess we’ll have to keep our fingers crossed.


Have you ever asked yourself, “What would happen if the Transformers met Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew?” If so, someone heard you. IDW is releasing a Star Trek vs Transformers. The Enterprise crew will be in the style of the Star Trek Animated Series and the Transformers in their 80’s version. Here is the synopsis. Quote “At the edge of Klingon space, the Enterprise answers a distress call, discovering a dilithium mine under siege by jets and helicopters of vintage 20th Century design. When a red, flat-nosed truck rolls in to save the day, the no-holds barred Saturday morning mash-up truly begins!” The four issue mini series comes from writers John Barber and Mike Johnson, with art by artist Philip Murphy and colorist Leonardo Ito and it will be released in September. https://www.cbr.com/idw-star-trek-vs-transformers/


Captain Kirk is known for tossing back a drink or two. The Silver Screen Bottling Company has announced a new line of officially licensed Star Trek-inspired spirits, kicking off with the launch of a James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The liquor is described as “an artisan bourbon that celebrates Captain Kirk’s bold spirit of adventure.”

According to the company, The Kirk Bourbon is a small batch release selected from choice barrels aged between 4-12 years. And  “exhibits a depth and richness seen in only the finest examples of bourbon with notes of caramel, Asian 5 spice and pecan” which is “crafted with the highest respect for the whiskey and for the man that bears its name.”


Ya know, when I think of Kirk I think Romulan Ale or Saurian Brandy. Bourbon sounds like something Doctor McCoy might drink.

According to Silver Screen, veteran Star Trek graphic designer Mike Okuda contributed to the development of James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

You can reserve a limited quantity today at JamesTKirkBourbon.com. The retail price is $69.99 for each bottle, with pre-orders discounted to $59.99. And it will be released in October.


Now for some Star Wars news.


Solo, A Star Wars story might have fallen short at the box office, but that doesn’t  mean that we can’t see more Star Wars spinoff movies elsewhere. A rumor has emerged that the Obi-Wan Kenobi A Star Wars story movie might be held for the still yet unnamed Disney streaming service. If this is true, I’ll definitely need to add this new streaming service to the growing group of streaming services I subscribe too.


Is Disney trying to replace Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy? In the wake of the poor performance of Solo at the box office, The divisive nature of The Last Jedi among the fan base and the face that other planned spinoffs are now put on hold. Rumors have surfaced that Kennedy’s job may be on the chopping block. This info comes from Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph, who’s heard that  Disney CEO Bob Iger is interested in replacing Kennedy, but he can’t find anybody for the job. Allegedly, J.J. Abrams (the only candidate Randolph mentions) was offered the position, but he definitely turned it down, as have others. The reason why this is so challenging for Iger is because Lucasfilm apparently is a house divided (Kennedy loyalists vs. those who predate Kennedy) similar to the fan base, and nobody wants to step into a situation like that.

Now all of this is just a rumor and should be treated as such. Remember that the Disney produced Star Wars films have made the mouse more than four billion dollars worldwide, so despite the recent obstacles, Kennedy’s leadership has payed off. If something should happen, we’ll let you know on Twitter and future episodes.


Did you know that Star Wars merchandise has no boundaries? Apparently there is now a collection at Pottery Barn. The new Star Wars Pottery Barn Kids collection. Everything you need to deck your little ones room in Star Wars including , custom beds, lamps, pillows, etc. The collection is broken down by rooms such as the Last Jedi room, Starship playroom, Han Solo room, etc. Everything from Star Wars needlepoint, a Star Wars mobile to dangle above your little Sith Lord to A wookie pillow R2D2 lamp, to Star Wars ship wall decals and Star Wars sheet sets. You can see it all at potterybarnkids.co. We’ll have a link in our show notes at multiversetonight.com https://www.potterybarnkids.com/pages/star-wars/lookbook.html?cm_re=StarWars-_-Landing-_-ShopTheLookbook


And hey, we have some Orville news!


Scott Grimes has revealed on twitter that season two will see the series first two parter! Jonathan Frakes will be returning to direct an episode and Voyagers Robert Duncan Mcneill will also direct this season as well.


Another thing we do know is that we will see less of Alura this season, as Actress Halston Sage is busy shooting the netflix romantic comedy The Last Summer at the same time. This may also be one of the reasons why Jessica Szohr joined the cast for the second season, playing a Xelayan security officer, like Sage’s Alara Katan.


Seth McFarlane on recently on Twitter replied to a fan on Twitter saying he named the gelatinous Yaphit, voiced by Norm MacDonald after the actor who played the villain in the James Bond 1971 classic, Live and Let Die Yaphet Koto. Hey Seth, any chance of getting a Jaws type character on the show?


Now for some general genre news,


In the not to distant future, a few months from now. You will get to READ Mystery Science Theater 3000. Dark Horse Comics has announced that a six issue MST3k mini series will be released in starting in September. The series will see Jonah and the bots plunged into the 2-D world of public domain comics where they will have to riff to keep their sanity.


I am so looking forward to this, I’ve ordered my copy!


Remember a couple of seasons ago when Family Guy killed Brian off for a few episodes? Well get ready for another shift to the status quo on Family Guy as Brian will be married off in the Season 17 premiere. Sweet.


Don Mancini, The creator of the serial killer in a doll’s body series of movies, Child’s Play just announced via Twitter that a Child’s Play TV series is coming. No word on casting or anything yet. Mancini has done a bit of TV work in recent years after a career spent writing mostly for feature films. He is credited with an episode of Hannibal as well as a handful of episodes of Channel Zero.


In what can only be followed by a comic beat, The NBC time travel series, Timeless, has been cancelled for the second time. Those of you might recall that it had been cancelled after the first season only to be quickly saved from cancellation after Sony agreed to hand over a 50% stake in the series to NBC’s sister studio Universal Television. Talks are ongoing between NBC and Sony Pictures Television, which produces the series, for a movie that would serve as a series finale. Guess the show isn’t Timeless after all…I know I should be better than this…I’m not.


The 44th annual Saturn Awards were handed out last week, Black Panther walked away with Best Comic-to-Film Motion Picture, Best Supporting Actress:  Danai Gurira, Best Director: Ryan Coogler, Best Production Design: Hannah Beachler, Best Make-Up: Joel Harlow, Ken Diaz. Star Wars the Last Jedi won for Best Actor: Mark Hamill, Best Editing: Bob Ducsay,Best Writing:  Rian Johnson


Also picking up awards in the film category were Tom Holland, Best performance by a Younger Actor, Patrick Stewart, Best Supporting Actor and Gal Gadot, Best Actress.


In the Television category, The Orville won for Best Science Fiction TV Series, The Walking Dead for Best Horror TV Series, Star Trek Discovery for Best New Media TV Series, Kyle MacLachlan for Best Actor on Television, and Sonequa Martin Green for Best Actress on Television


There are a ton of other Saturn awards that I did not mention, I’ll have a link to the list in the show notes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/44th_Saturn_Awards


*switch image*

Harlan Ellison has been a controversial character in Science Fiction for decades, from his forthright opinions to his feud with Gene Roddenberry over what became of his Star Trek episode, City on the edge of Forever.


Sometime overnight, June 27th, Harlan Ellison passed away in his sleep. Harlan’s career spans back to 1949 when he published two stories in the Cleveland News, and than later sold a story to EC Comics. He then moved to New York to pursue his writing career and than served in the army. After that, he moved to California and began to write in Hollywood, He wrote the screenplay for the Oscar and sold many scripts for such shows as The Loretta Young Show, The Outer Limits, The Man from U.n.c.l.e and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.


He continued to publish science fiction and non fiction pieces such as “Repent Harlequin!, I have No Mouth, and I Must Scream and A Boy and His Dog.


In the 80’s he worked as creative consultant on the reboot of The Twilight Zone and Babylon 5.


I won’t go into the many controversies surrounding Harlan, as that would take too much time, you can go to his Wikipedia entry for that.


Harlan Ellison, Science Fiction author, Television writer and arguably Sci-Fi’s Most Controversial Figure, dead at the age of 84.


Before I go…

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